How We Work

Red HR offers the following methods of engagement:

Monthly Retainer
To engage Red HR on a retainer, it has been determined that the client will require the assistance of Red HR on an ongoing basis, over an agreed amount of time per month.  This arrangement is reviewed quarterly to ensure it continues to match the requirements of our client as they move forward.

Project Rate
Prior to commencing any work, Red HR offers a FREE Consultation to allow both us and the client to discuss the project to be undertaken and a proposed strategy and cost can be agreed upon.

Hourly Rate
This is more for when urgent matters should arise with a client at their work site, and/or where certain matters may be small in nature and therefore relatively quick to resolve.

Annual Subscription
Clients can take advantage of our HR Help Desk service and take out an annual subscription.  Included in a subscription with Red HR is the following:

  • Direct support by phone or e-mail from Melinda Dixon on all of your day to day Human Resource Management issues, including but not limited to:
    • Questions about the recruitment and selection process of a new staff member;
    • Which awards affect your business and how to interpret them;
    • Seeking clarification with rates of pay and other employee entitlements;
    • Managing disciplinary action against an employee who is under performing;
    • Understanding the application of National Employment Standards, the Fair Work Act and Modern Awards;
    • How to resolve conflict between employees;
    • Termination / Redundancy – understanding the rights of both the employer and employee;
    • And any other HR issues that arise.
Under your subscription there is no limit to the number of support calls you can make, so you never need to hesitate to call for expert advice.
  • Monthly Red HR e-bulletins to keep you informed and up to date on the HR/IR landscape and how it affects you and your business.
  • Red Alerts to bring important HR issues to your attention as they arise.
  • A 20% discount on professional fees quoted for HR Management projects that fall outside of the scope of the subscription.  If a specific task or project to be undertaken on your behalf, falls outside of the scope of the subscription, you will be advised of this at the time of your enquiry and a quotation for the work to be undertaken will be provided before proceeding.
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