What We Do

Recruitment & Selection
Providing assistance to clients on certain aspects of the recruitment process, through to providing a full recruitment service.

Employment Contracts
Assisting our clients with drafting employment contracts where the use of formal employment contracts may have previously been limited or not up to date with current legislation.

Position Descriptions
Preparation of position descriptions from basic duty statements through to detailed descriptions inclusive of performance measures and selection criteria.

Company HR Policies
The review and update of existing HR policies and/or the preparation of new policies through to producing full company HR policy manuals.

Performance Appraisals
Working with clients towards structuring and implementing a performance review system.

Conflict Resolution / Issue Management
Guiding clients on how to best manage an issue that has occurred with a member of staff, through to the process of carrying out disciplinary action.

Employee Engagement
Co-ordinating the development and management of employee feedback surveys.

Learning & Development
Providing recommendations to clients on training options to improve an employee’s skills in a specific area, in addition to writing and delivering training sessions on a broad range of topics.

Award and Legislation Interpretation
Keeping clients informed of changes across the industrial relations landscape as it directly relates to their businesses.  This also includes advising clients on their obligations under specific circumstances as they arise, e.g. termination and redundancy.

Exit Interviews
Carrying out exit discussions with key staff members who have made the decision to terminate their employment.

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