Win an Annual HR Support Package with Red HR!

Are you an employer of a small to medium enterprise?

As an employer of a SME, do you manage your human resources on your own?

Do you struggle to keep up to date with changes in workplace legislation and how such change may impact your business?

In March 2016, Red HR is giving away a 12 month HR Support Subscription where the winning employer will be able to receive on-tap support in human resource management, from our Principal, Melinda Dixon.

For many employers of small to medium businesses, getting the right advice on HR issues before acting is critical to ensure a positive outcome for all parties can be achieved.  In the absence of a dedicated HR specialist on staff, many small to medium business owners are looking for accessible HR support when they need it, as often as it is needed, and at a cost that can be controlled.  Based on a demand for such a service, we created our own HR Subscription Service.  For a one-off annual cost, clients receive all of the support they need on day to day HR issues.  Since its launch, the HR Subscription has been very successful, particularly amongst small to medium businesses for which it was created for.  Something I often hear from my clients is, “Mel I love how I can email you or call you as often as I like if I need to get your advice on a matter, and know that I don’t have to worry about getting an invoice at the end of it.”

Here is what is included in an Annual Red HR Support Subscription:

  • Direct and strictly confidential response by phone or email from Melinda Dixon, Principal of Red HR, on all of your day to day Human Resource Management issues, no matter how small or how big the issue may be;
  • For employers who may be a little time poor during business hours, I can also be contacted outside of working hours;
  • There is no limit to the number of support calls / emails you can initiate.  Clients can contact me as often as they like with their questions / concerns on HR matters for a one-off annual cost;
  • Monthly Red HR e-bulletins to keep you informed and up to date on the HR/IR landscape and how it affects you and your business;
  • Red Alerts to bring important HR issues to your attention as they arise;
  • A 20% discount on professional fees quoted for HR Management projects that fall outside of the scope of the subscription.  If a specific task or project to be undertaken on your behalf, falls outside of the scope of the subscription, you will be advised of this at the time of your enquiry and a quotation for the work to be undertaken will be provided before proceeding.

We are giving away an Annual HR Support Subscription to one employer.  To enter, click onto the Red HR Facebook page for details.

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